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From my pictures you can guess I live on a farm. We raise vegetables which we sell off the farm, through our Fields to Meals (FTM), at our farm stand and at a produce auction. I am the 'plant manager'.

Produce and Greenhouse Supplies

The Shippensburg Auction Center will host the sale of produce and greenhouse supplies on  Saturday March 7th.

This sale begins at 9:00am.

Grower / Buyer Meeting

The Annual Growers and Buyers Meeting

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

8:30 am — Coffee and Donuts
9:00 am — Managing Pest/Diseases in Strawberries
10.00am — Word Winning Containers
10:30 — Pesticide Safety
Speakers: Tom Ford and Sinclair Adams
This meeting qualifies for 2 core and 2 category credits)
Lunch will follow the above sessions.

The Auction QUESTION AND ANSWER session will be held after lunch.

There is on cost for this meeting however please notify the office if you plan to attend.


grower/buyer meeting